Our Vision

“To be an innovative and dynamic industry leader, providing quality and wholistic residential care services”

Our Mission

To Provide:

  • Quality care & services
  • A safe, comfortable & friendly living environment
  • A professional & respected work force
  • A lifestyle that encourages participation in community life
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance

Our Values

  • Professionalism: Maintain standards consistent with contemporary practice
  • Honesty: To be open, truthful and trustworthy
  • Equity: To be fair and Impartial
  • Respect: To treat each of our stakeholders with dignity, courtesy, empathy and as an individual
  • Integrity: To be ethical, confidential and accountable
  • Quality: Excellence through innovation and applied learning
  • Caring: To be sensitive and responsive to each other
  • Flexibility: To be flexible and open to change